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Please Read!!! We Need Help!!

Hello everyone!! Recently a lot of my loyal readers told me that my and my team’s work/translation was stolen and our works are everywhere on the thieves’ websites. My team and I feel extremely upset, stressed, depressed and we even lost our interest, passion, and motivation to translate. What makes us more upset, stressed, depressed, we found some readers even supporting those thieves’ websites by reading our works/translation on their websites. Did you all know, by reading our works/translation on the thieves’ website, you are funding them? Life is really not fair. The thieves’ websites are getting more traffic and generating more income without any hard work and we, as the scanlators, have to work 7 days per week and work more than 12 hours per day but we’re getting nothing. What disgusted us is the thieves’ website even put their watermark on our work/translation. We have reported to Google DMCA but seem no action taken. We are lost now. We wish to continue but now we have a lot of difficulties continuing translation. If anyone of you has good suggestions on what should we do against those thieves, please leave a comment to tell us.

Another problem we are facing now is our biggest network ad, GA is punishing our website since 6 months ago by setting a ‘visit site’ button on the ads on our website. Because of the penalty by GA, they’ve limited the ads on our website and our earnings dropped a lot by 90%. The reason GA is punishing us is that there are many accidentally clicks on the ads on our website.

We have tried to work with other network ads but their revenue is not as good as GA. For the past 6 months, Manga SY is using her own pocket money to run the website by paying hosting fees, purchasing raw chapters, translators fees, and maintenance fees.

We know a lot of readers are complaining about too many ads on our website, but we really have no other choice. The hosting and maintenance fee in our country is really expensive. We know some readers even use adblocker to block the ads and there are even some selfish and mean readers that curse our website is a garbage website by placing so many ads. The harsh words really make us so upset. Why should we have to listen to so many harsh words after we sacrifice our time to translate free manhua to everyone?

To be honest, now we are only can maintain our website for another 3 months that is until April 15, 2022. If GA keeps punishing us by limiting the ads and setting the ‘visit site’ button’ on our website, we have to say ‘bye bye’ to every reader and we’ll close down our website.

So, we need every reader to help and co-operate with us. Please don’t keep repeating clicking the ads. Just click if you are interested. For those sticker ads or top and bottom ads, please click the (x) carefully to close it, and please don’t accidentally click on other ads. If you accidentally click on the ads, don’t panic, wait for a few seconds about 15-20 seconds, and then click to go back to our website. This will help us a lot. Please turn off your adblocker or whitelist our website to support us.

Some readers even suggested we collect donations monthly or lock our chapter. We don’t wish to lock our chapter because we want every reader to read for free. We feel ashamed to ask for donations from readers as we know everyone is having a hard time during pandemic times. But if anyone feels to support us by monthly donations or one-time donations, please click on the ‘donation’ button to support us. Or if anyone has any suggestions, please leave a comment to tell us. Thank you.

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  1. Namratha Bemane

    I will try to comment to read on Mangasy for more next time if I find ur comics elsewhere. What you can do is add watermark to you chapter and dialogues they can’t remove then even if they steal ur works ur watermark will prove where to read.

    1. Jaisa

      Hello Team Mangasy,

      We support and love your work mangasy..
      Actually I saws some of your manhuas translate on other website.. but I did not see if it’s your work, because i know that I already read on your site and you site is on a latest chapter, so I did not bother to open it.
      Me as much as possible I did not click any ads on your apps I’m only focus on reading manhua, comments that’s all.

      Thank you so much and please stay with us.. ❤️?

    2. Enstenia

      Hello, i like your translation very much and i didn’t click or bothered about the ads. I think its alright and didn’t disturb me from reading your translation. I don’t know about other website that stole your translation because I only read it in your website or it’s just because how lazy I am to search other website. I will always support you guys and stay strong whatever happen. Keep healthy too and wish you all the best. Fighting!!!

  2. hope

    I like your work, and I like to read from your website. the translations is excellent and you make effort to translate in time. so good job and continue. good luck.

    1. Nik

      @Mangasy i love reading at your website never really seen any ads though don’t know if this might help but adding watermarks could help attract more people to your website cuz thats how I found you ,a DMCA or try copyscape its a free plagiarism checker to see who has duplicated your work

  3. Yes many mangas app stealing ua contents and i am feeling so sad for you guys … we are trying our best to report those works and app ..dont worry author you r best and all the best to you for ua great hard work and. Working day n night for us readers ?❤️ We all love you☺️?

  4. Spiderman1993

    I just want to encourage you to keep on translating. One of the things I like about your website is that you pick stuff that is not normally on other websites. And some of your translations I have seen on other websites are still behind what you normally translate. Furthermore, your translations are really top notch and easy to read.

  5. Nehxie

    I have been in my hardest time lately, sometimes I don’t even have motivation to live, but being able to read manhua here makes me happy or in other words, reading manhua here is one of my motivations to live? sorry that I can’t help anything but I only read on your website
    Pls stay with us

  6. Pacha 714

    Hello Manga Sy I’m sorry about those websites that only copy your hard work. I was reading one manhua (Spur of the moment marriage) on other website until I saw you water mark of Manhua Sy since the moment I saw it I went there and I star reading there and I only read hear since in cooperation with the English translation of your work and the anther your are the best, so please be encourage I know how is doing this kind of job since I used to work with group doing typesetting, is a lot of work and on top of that there a thing call life witch sometime thing happen an take you time. I really appreciate your hard work.

  7. Lizi

    Hello Mangasy,

    I know how devastating it is when we know that our works have been hijacked. However, pirates are everywhere. There are always people who don’t want to do anything but would like to profit. Thus, they steal the works from others. Some of them put the source of the manga they have stolen. Some of them delete the origin of the manga. Funny, isn’t it?.
    You can remind them not to steal your work and ask your reader to read it from your website. That is all you can do. Other than that, I don’t think you have other options. If you keep raising these issues, it will be contra-productive to you. Why? Because many websites provide translated manga, their works are also being stolen. However, they do not often become fussy about these issues—for example,

    I’m not particularly eager to read from a website that publishes others’ work. I always read manga from the original website that has done the translation. I think it is the way to appreciate their works (translating, cleaning, etc.). But, not everyone has the same opinion as mine.

    It is a pity if you can’t continue providing mange lovers with the translated mangas. However, you know better than anyone else which one is profitable. I hope that you will have benefits from translating the mangas.

    Thank you for your hard work so far.

    Kind regards,

    Lizi (Pseudo name )

    1. Manga SY

      @ Lizi, we are not being fussy to keep raising this issue. It’s been a long time since we didn’t raise up this issue. What’s make us angry, these thieves’ websites are too much by placing their watermark on our work and claim as their work. Please try to put your shoe on our situation. We’re lost and really don’t know what to do. But we really appreciated your suggestion. And we hope every reader will be like you, only reading on the original scanlators’ websites to support our and other scanlators’ hard work.

  8. Lunar50

    I enjoy your site so much.
    Your site is the only thing that helps me survive during these trying times.
    I found out that I have cancer, I am doing well right now and the cancer is at being held back through meds.
    I just wanted to let you know I really don’t comment a lot and I will try in the future to do so.
    Thank you all so much for the wonderful job all are doing❤️

    1. Manga SY

      @ Lunar50, how are you? Wish you get well soon. We’re glad that our translated manhua brings a lot of fun and happiness to everyone.

  9. not gonna lie ur website has the best manhwa i like . srry for what has happened i have no better o what to say all i will say is karma will fall on the thevies

  10. Shopgirl

    @MangaSy I’m sorry this is still a problem. I read different series on other sites and if I see a watermark or header pointing to another site, I stop reading from the site that has taken that work. I suggest watermarking more but honestly that won’t stop other sites from stealing.

    For revenue, you could keep ads on all series, but offer subscription or paid based options. Have some free series available, but lock down the rest under subscription or paid. For example, if readers want to pay for early access by episode, they can read it as your team updates it. If they can’t or don’t want to pay, they can wait a few weeks to read it for free and you will still receive the ad revenue at that time. Also, when you introduce a new series, allow the first few episodes to be unlocked for everyone to check reader interest and then lock it down for subscription or pay. For a subscription you could have people pay for unlimited reading with a monthly, quarterly or annual fee.

    1. Shopgirl

      Just to add, I would pay a fee to support your site because what you do is a lot of work and web management isn’t cheap. ❤️

    2. Mrivai

      Not all ppl can pay for that and i rly appreciate mangasy trying to give chapters for free it’s really thoughtful of them

  11. Mrivai

    Mangasy u guys are the best idk how can ppl curse u guys like that there are many ppl who can not purchase the episodes not only cuz they can’t afford but also due to other factors. I can’t di anything of the bad ppl who supporting theif websites and if i would be those websites i would be ashamed of someone’s hardwork. I really enjoy reading u guys translate ik it must be difficult running the website without too much funding but pls try to continue cuz their are still your loyal readers who want u to continue. We love seeing your translations try not to think about those mean ppl who say bad things bout u guys after reading your translations for free their will always be mean ppl so pls don’t feel upset cuz all your loyal readers love u and we will try to support u the best way we can. Love u mangasy

  12. honeyyy

    omg :(( i didn’t expect that.. please don’t give up? we always support team mangasy -!! i hope you guys still continue translating<33 many translator that i know give up on translating bcs of something like this too which is make me kinda upset but it’s not their faultt:(( sorry for that to happen to mangasy team to also thankyu for all the hardwork<33

  13. I don’t think my suggestion could help. But i’ll try. Put your manga in youtube per chapter is like a slide show and water marks of your website. And create a social media that will attract more people who’s interested in reading like this. That’s all. I hope you guys stay strong! I know it’s so hard for you guys but i hope you keep on fighting but if one day that you need to shut down we will understand because we know as your loyal fans and supporters you give your very best! And you didn’t fail to give us a satisfaction and happiness thankyou so much mangasy. We loveyou ❤️

  14. macc1

    I only read your stuff not every site has what you have. and yes I saw your page on 1stmanga and it made me angry that’s your page, sometime some websites will translate the same manga, And do their own translations, but this page is all you it’s the page that says support you but 1stmanga stole it and put their name on it. I support your stuff always. You’re very selective you try to get manga that is only on your page.

  15. yu_chen25

    Hello MangaSY, I’ve been aware of the theft for a while now, however I was unable to contact you since your contact form is not working properly – while submitting a request it says “Error sending message”. I understand the problem of copyright infringement. I’ve been here for about maybe 1 year now (excluding registration) and I’m quite happy with your works. If you’re in need, please tell us if we can help e.g. Donation on Ko-fi or Patreon since it’s better to track than Paypal.

  16. deeplyblue

    Disqus used to be available here a forum to discus not just post
    opinions used to be fun . Figure out another alternative where
    viewers can interact with each other a sense of community
    is what brings people together …a comment section where one
    can see if upvoted or reply like in youtube comment notification
    would be nice

  17. Hirare

    Oh nooo.. This is heartbreaking news.

    Mangasy, maybe you can use paid chapter for reader who wants to read few incoming chapters faster like other manga apps or use patreon system. You also can forbid readers for copy or save screen. I found this system on other manga apps but I don’t know if it can applied on the website.

    You also can add more watermark to your work. Or just like other suggestion here, create YouTube version of the manga translation.

    You already have donate system and that’s good.

    Hope your problem solved. I always read on mangasy and support your work. Thankyou so much. Love you ^^

  18. Psuedonym

    Hello Mangasy,
    I don’t usually comment on anything but I think what happening to you is not fair, I genuinely support you. Not only me but many readers are supporting you. Adding few mor advertisements won’t do bad to us and will increase your earnings. So, I suggest you should do something to increase ads. I also think you should make your website like popular or famous, which will lead people to come here rather than going on other websites…

  19. Tim

    I check in mangasy everyday and love your works. Please don’t give up. I will always follow you. Thank you so much, you are the best.

  20. Boum

    Hi the team
    Personally I’m reading your language only here
    Your job is the best and translation perfect
    You can add your mark in the dialog and try some technics which reverse the characters if it’s in other websites
    You can ask for monthly payments to access the web site
    If it’s a small amount people will support you and so your work canbe protected
    Dont give up on us

  21. Support Always

    For A website, I think it’s kind of impossible to make them stop stealing, honestly. But I think, you can make it to slides and upload them to get funds from youtube as well rather than on website alone. Also, adding subscription type would be nice (in patreon or discord or else), they can get the more up-to-date one when the free would get it some days later. Besides youtube, you may also peek to another video providers such as iqiyi or bilibili. That’s all. Good luck

  22. I’m really sorry, that you have to go through this 🙁
    and always visit this site for manhuas and I’ve generally not seen any manhua which I read here, at any other website.
    my one suggestion is to add your watermark, that can prove that its your translations.

  23. I guess u have got permission that is rights from author to translate. If it’s so with help of author u can sue them together. In that way they should also pay commission to author. And u will also not suffer much loss.

  24. Go go mangasy! Your loyal fans will always be here for you. We love you guys
    Your manhuas are unique and I love them. Its true I too saw some of your work else where but didnt read it

  25. Rr

    Thank u so much for ur hard work, I only read the manhuas u translate on ur website despite knowing other websites that steel ur work… I am sad and devastated for u mangasy team … I have some suggestions that might help
    1: change the browser provider or wat ever it is to one that have more profit for number of visitors and readers

    2: try to develop ur own app, where u can manage ads and donations easily, also in the app u can have restricted readings number per account like 5 chapters per day for example… so thiefs won’t be able to steel ur work… coins to unlock the other chapter.

    3. Allow only members to view website so number if registrations will increase and will help in increasing profit

    4. The easiest way to protect ur work is to add big watermark across each page on characters faces in dialogues and monologues, in the middle pages write a statement like ( if u r not reading this chapter on mangasy website you are a thief )

    Please stay positive and know that we your supporters are by ur side

    Thank u

  26. Skye


    I think what you are trying to do is noble. But with th pandemic it is only fair that you are compensated for your work.

    Advertise with Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, You tube and others

    2. Charge a premium access fee. Have a fee membership for all your readers but you will have to lock some chapters. Then just charge $5 or $10 or so a month. I would definitely pay for it!!

    It is worth keeping your website and dream alive.

    3. Create an app like Funimation or Crunchyroll.

    This will all help!!!


  27. Missin

    Hey team MangaSy, thanks for all the manhuas you’ve ever translated for us. All those that re upload, I’ve sent messages and comments that it’s wrong and they should stop. Maybe you could have a privacy setting that we can’t read comics on the site without an account

  28. xing

    HI!! pls don’t leave usss. I read about 6-8 ongoing manhwa’s here and they r all splendid! Don’t worry , we’ll always support uu!!

  29. BaybeeTeyeger

    I don’t have a fool proof solution to other sites stealing your work. But may be you could try to start a subscription based service that deliver content through email. Maybe you can even deliver them in pdf format so that other sites would have difficulties re-posting them. You can keep maybe the 1st 5 or 10 chapters on your web site for free but subscription after that. I am willing to pay per chapter or per manga or … whatever you can come up with

  30. Sorry Manga SY I can’t donate for you but?? I will always try to leave a coment to those of your mangas which I read in your website?? and also please use more watermark in every manhuas chapter if I see any website that is stealing your work then I will tell you quickly and also I wil leave a bad comment in that thief website those shamless website who are stealing your work they will surely die miserably those are really unforgiveable????????????? do you know manga SY you are my 2nd favourite website and also my 2nd website which I started to read I will always support you if you say us goodbye I will also support you at that time

  31. List name all mangga stole your art work from that we will know that mangga stole your mangga and we don’t need read that mangga ,and please don’t stop because your mangga very high value ,every time i read your mangga i can’t wait for next episode and your mangga is the best 100/100 for mangga

  32. iiVKoriXii

    When I go back to school I’m going to see how my schedule manages and see how much school work we get so I can see if I can stay caught up on school while working a job, and If I can manage that, I’m going to get a job and i will definitely donate.

  33. Yeoja1Babae2Girl3

    I guess you need to put a restriction or code or something else to didn’t screenshot or easily get your work. Don’t depress it may lead to suicide, instead pray to God because he always for us. Stress is normal so you need to control your self to don’t lead it to depression that may lead suicide because everything is have a purpose. Improvements is not limited time you can improved your work and your self little by little, step by step. Fighting and God bless Manga Sy.

  34. Lenka Smetanová

    Hey… Just don’t give up.
    I did not fully understand the ads situation, but I hope you will stay strong. I only read here, and I will read your comics here.
    I like you guys, stay here with us <3

  35. Alina_khan

    Good evening sir/ma’am,
    I appreciate your hardwork and your efforts. And I like your work also.
    I don’t know this will be helpful to you or not!
    You can only allow those users who have account on this site or can make some changes in the site by not allowing screenshot or screen recording.

  36. Sie-chan

    Hello Team Mangasy,
    I’ve been reading mangas and manhua here and it so sad to see your post I hope you don’t give up on these website this is one of my source of happiness when I’m depress. also my suggestion is you put watermark on every chapters since it hard to remove, also I’ll try to inform and commend if ever I find your comics elsewhere, since it is really one of the problem in every mangas and manhua comics industry that their are thieves who steals works from other websites, I feel sad for that but I hope you don’t give up in translating and working in every comics your website is the still best. even though I want to support by donating but I don’t have enough money yet and still studying so supporting is the only thing I can do.

    Thank you so much for making us happy by reading your unique works of comics.

  37. Akila

    I don’t find any problem with the website regarding ad or something. And people who intimate you about your work being stolen ask them to tell you about the website and we all will report it but please don’t close the website as we support you. PLEASE mangasy and we will try to contribute what we can.

  38. I really like this website and I also like the manga “love for life, and Young Miss Bad Intentions ” that you translate for us , please can you translate those manga for me I really like it, but it takes so long for the next chapter and that’s made me upset, please this is my favourite website

  39. Mimi

    Hi Manga SY,

    I am a loyal reader at your site and will continue to support. One thing that I see other sites do to prevent thieves is to add a code where people can’t take screenshot to save images. Alternatively, you can create videos of you scrolling down the chapter and post it on youtube, which could be another source of income as you gain more subscribers and viewers! You have our love and supports!

  40. Vhaniia

    Hello mangasy team. I seriously feel sad that you guys get discouraged and thinking about stopping the website.
    You guys have the best translation and the story you guys pick is so good.
    And i think if you guys open donations most of us reader maybe can give $5-$10 monthly, maybe not so much money but we readers who loves your work can still support you and hope you guys can still doing your best.

  41. Lai

    I think you should set up a monthly donation appeal with breakdowns and target if possible – just like I saw in another site… similar. The amount is published and updated. It works. I, for one, felt ownership and a certain camaraderie-ship. It would be sad to see you close down. Don’t underestimate the generosity of your viewers.

  42. Asukal

    I’m sorry your going through all this, wish there was more we can do to help support you anytime I see something that is suppose to be here somewhere else I report it, and leave a comment that they stole it. But now some of them turned off there comments. But if you all need us to do something don’t bother to ask I’m definitely down!!! Manga SY was the very first site that broke my cherry manga? so keep your heads up easier said then done but we are here when needed just keep us updated!!

  43. Sheetal.S

    i shall read manhuas on your website only. and i shall tell my friends to see only on
    and don’t worry about the ads. though i can.t donate much money but rest assured i will support you and only you with all i’ve got for a long long time to come. by the way thank you for all your hardwork for this website and all the manhuas.

  44. Chumaru

    Hello @Mangasy! (I don’t know if my comment has been posted so I reposted it a few times)

    I hope you will notice this. I suggest that you disable the right-click option on your website so that they(thieves’ websites) won’t have any means to download your translations as you have put in so much effort and dedication in your works just to provide good quality translated manhuas to us that are free and accessible, although it won’t enable us(readers) to open them in new tabs, at least it can prevent thieves from stealing your work.

    I also suggest that you try putting watermarks on your translation, put it on the upper and bottom part of every chapter but with big fonts aside from watermarks on each panel, as it will inform other readers who have read on thieves’ websites that they aren’t the original translators, although some readers who might notice that won’t go through the trouble as some aren’t tech-savvy, they might think that those websites are permitted even though they are not, and some are just too lazy to even search for the original site.

    I also suggest that you create a Patreon account and post advance chapters there and perhaps also add some perks so that you can get donations and support from people aside from the ad revenues you earn on your website.

    I also suggest that you try being a verified creator on Brave Browser as one of the perks of creators there aside from the incentives the Browser gives creators, is that you’ll get direct tips from readers who visit your website, readers who don’ like viewing ads can support you there and you’ll also gain. I also suggest that you try to have more social media accounts that will reach a lot of readers so as to gain publicity and outrun thieves.

    I really love your website and it would be too hard for me to cope if this would be gone. I do understand your situation and will try what I can to help you. I have suggested your website to my friends and everyone who reads manhuas. I really hope you’ll get through this as we(readers) appreciate your hard work and dedication in providing us with good-quality translated comics that are accessible and free to all of us.

    From all my suggestions, I really hope that you’ll disable the right-click option because there is an option to download the translations, I hope you’ll get through this. We readers love you and we want you to get through this.

    Please notice this. Thank you @Mangasy

  45. Domi

    I know this isn’t the best way, but it’s an option~
    There have been many replies here letting you know about watermarking your translations- My idea is personally adding your, I guess, website name: mangasy within each translation, like for an example: –
    • Within one of the texts, sneak in a small mangasy within each sentence. (It isn’t the most innovative way, but it’s better than the fake sites covering it up with their website links.
    Another way is obviously for each panel, watermarking them.

  46. Lalala

    I am very disappointed with zxn mxnga, how dare you use the copyright of manga sy for you website. The thieves like you have caused the manga sy website to suffer losses AUTHOR motivation and don’t have enough money to for website expenses to continue their work. TO ALL READER YOU CAN READ OTHERS COMICS BUT IF IT HAVE A MANGA SY WATERMARK PLEASE DO NOT READ THAT CHAPTER BECAUSE IS WAS STOLEN TRANSLATER. Kxn mxnga also?

  47. great one

    mangasy rocks
    those dumb copies are useless
    i always read on mangasy
    if i find any mangasy manga on other websites i will post a comment on the first page of the manga in mangasy

  48. Viva

    Hello Team Mangasy. My Suggestion Is To Create A Discord server, readers could visit and talk each other there. And donation infos might be clearer there. If you want help on setting the discord server, please contact me.

  49. Chibee

    You should do subscriptions and it can be a choice for those who doesn’t want to experience ads and pay monthly or yearly subs.. for those who can’t afford subscriptions they can watch ads.. I don’t mind paying for subscriptions. In my opinion the translation on Mangasy is better then Apps that make you pay money… and you can also do exculsives Manhuas for people that want to read a specific Manhua you can donate money to have it translated.. but hopefully something works out cause really do love reading on Mangasy and thank you for all your free hard work as well you’re much appreciated to me!

  50. Bloosm Rose

    I appreciate your work and I loved it❤️ . I hope that you can passe this trouble as fast as you could ?.
    All my wish is to have deffirnet univers to escape to and you give me that fantasy univers with your manhuas .?
    I hope and wish this univers won’t disappear .?
    Even if it disappear I will always wish you all love and peace so please if it disappear don’t be sad as long as you have done all you could and remember that you have given a lot of deffirnet feeling by your work when the story be at happy or sad moment it has always intertain alot of people and comfort alot by the exciting that the one lived by your work and remember one last thing that it has fill the empty place in one’s heart so don’t be sad it all can be refound and let the time heal all your problems.
    All my wishes to the great team of mangasy .com ??

  51. Don’t give up you guys translation is really good and i love reading manhuas here,. though recently i read less but am used to reading the manhuas in YouTube channel of yours it was best and still best
    Hope and pray that everything will be ok
    … How about you make a app and change some comic chapters maybe

  52. mastet

    i just saw ur work on another site and came here to read it! Please don’t give up you still have loyal readers. As for suggestions, i’m not really sure, as others said, whenever i see ur work ripped off, ill direct people to read on here, but im not sure what else to do. Hopefully others have better ideas.

  53. SupriyaMishra

    Hi I am not able to read chapters like I use to before even after entering my password what is the solution kindly let me know so that I can continue my reading. Thank you

  54. Betty

    I think you all are awesome to still continue this for poor readers like me. I don’t mind the ads as it doesn’t block or scattered the pages like some other sites. Quite honestly, the fact that I can read all these for free, I would continue to support your site and hoping you all can stay.


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